We stock a wide range of filtration products and systems for processes such as: Water, Water Flood Applications, Steam, Combustion Gasses, Compressed Air, Catalytic Process Protection, Amine Plant Equipment Protection, Sour Water Stripping, Lube Oil Systems, Boiler Feed Water, Fuel Oil Systems, Finished Product Filtration, Gas Scrubbers, Bag Filter Systems-Dust Control & Turbine Lubrication Systems.

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Burnley Baffles

Burnley baffles are an internationally...

Dry Scrubbers

Industry is increasingly required to...

Gold Furnace Bag Filter System

Precious metal bag filtration system

Combustion Gas Filter Probe

Combustion Gas Filter Probe - 10 Micron

Customised Filter Cartridge Housings

Various Types of specially designed...

Polyester Series Depth Filter Cartridge

Rigid depth filter cartridges for high...

Depth Filter Cartridges

At C&CE we supply a comprehensive range...

Filter Housings - Special Design

Various Types of specially designed...