Hi-Melt Crucibles

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A premium quality Carbon bonded Silicon
carbide crucible manufactured using the
latest roller forming technology

A premium quality Carbon bonded Silicon carbide crucible manufactured using the latest roller forming technology.
Hi-melt crucibles incorporate an advanced materials composition which has been developed to provide premium
performance on copper based alloys and precious metals melting. 


Superior performance for Erosive conditions/heavy fluxing on copper based alloys precious metal reclamation
Furnaces using heavy/reclaim oil containing metal contaminants.

Metal Casting Temperature

1000ºC - 1400ºC
(1830ºF - 2550ºF)

For use in oil and gas fired furnaces and low to medium frequency induction furnaces

Performance Characteristics

  • Premium erosion resistance
  • Enhanced thermal shock resistance
  • High resistance to chemical corrosion
  • Faster melting speed
  • High mechanical strength


Hi-melt is easily recognisable by its distinctive bright red colour. Crucibles feature a green triangular label with Himelt
in black text. The Hi-melt reference is HM in front of the pattern size, e.g. AHM60, AHM350, etc.

Pattern Range

Hi-melt crucibles are manufactured in a comprehensive range of sizes and shapes to service most end user requirements.
Heavy wall versions versions are available to provide maximum life in erosive applications


The product is manufactured from high grade raw materials to ISO9001:2000 quality standards and Ultramelt is
supported by the industry s acknowledged experts in the field of crucible melting systems.

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